LetzGreen is Luxembourg’s niched project to promote the clean technologies sector to cement it as one the pillars of Luxembourg’s economy. With a special focus on circular economy, Luxembourg aims to remain competitive by providing affordable energy to the industry while further developing a thriving renewables sector. The government is focused on providing an attractive economic environment for entrepreneurs to create wealth whilst cutting pollution, waste and energy use.

The government’s priorities for the emerging clean technologies sector are primarily energy efficiency and green buildings. These will be emphasised by linking energy policy with economic diversification policy, focusing research on the rational use of natural resources and innovative materials. To do this, the government continues to actively support the development of Luxembourg’s existing companies, encouraging their export activities by putting Luxembourg on the map for clean technologies. It will also maintain a favourable business environment by keeping VAT rates, corporate tax, and labour costs at competitive levels.

This website provides a window to the extent of the sector as it is in Luxembourg currently and where it is heading.

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Luxembourg’s green political heritage started in 1983 with the formation of The Green Party.  In August 2012 Minister of the Economy Étienne Schneider unveiled the strategy for Clean Technologies in Luxembourg as part of the government’s plans for economic diversification. “Particular effort will continue to focus on developing key action areas,